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 PROJECT TITAN_Gold Backed-Crypto Ecosystem

Sustainable Growth
Blockchain Ecosystem

The Titan Project will transform physical gold into a highly efficient digital asset and create the foundation for a sustainable blockchain ecosystem.


The key to growth of the Titan ecosystem will be created by implementing various services using blockchain technology rather than the value of the blockchain itself. In other words, in the process of completing services with high utility value, blockchain will serve as a medium or tool, and will actually prove the true value of blockchain.

Operational Transparency

Governance Token (TITAN) holders can actively participate in the decision-making process.

Governance token holders will have the right to vote on proposals related to ecosystem operations, such as protocol upgrades, parameter adjustments, and fee structure. We will support token holders to actively participate in the decision-making process.

Economic Stability

TAU (stablecoin) will be in circulation in an amount equal to the amount of physical gold bars deposited in partner banks.
A stable coin linked 1:1 to the value of gold secures the basis for valuation of ecosystem goods and ensures economic stability.


We will support Utility tokens so that ecosystem participants can launch and operate various dApps.

Utility tokens are used as a payment method for platforms within the ecosystem, in addition to participation rewards, transaction fee reductions, and use of special services within the ecosystem.

Our Vision

The Titan Project was launched in cooperation with Korea's OwF Co., Ltd. and Triple Gold Ventures. We will transform gold, a highly reliable real asset, into an innovative, safe, and highly efficient digital asset and create a blockchain ecosystem capable of sustainable growth.


We will build the foundation of a stable asset environment that provides global access to gold trading based on transparency of the mining and bullion deposit process. We will support the sustainability of ecosystem participants by providing a dApp service environment with various transaction and asset management methods.


The Titan Platform builds a digital asset ecosystem that enables sustainable growth based on trust with three types of tokens.

TAU Token.png

Titan AU token (TAU)

TAU is a stablecoin pegged to the global gold price and backed by physical gold bars certified and deposited by an accredited institution.

The Blockchain ecosystem, backed by physical gold

The titan ecosystem will deposit physical gold as reserve ratio in reputable bank vaults and generate the corresponding stablecoin TAU.

Since only the quantity of gold mined and produced in a contracted mine according to a fixed monthly deposit schedule or the quantity corresponding to the reserve ratio purchased and deposited in the market is issued and distributed, it has the characteristics of a convertible currency from the past gold standard currency era.

TITAN will become the hub of a dApp ecosystem that can grow sustainably with stable value guarantee and an active governance program.

Easy Divisibility

It’s difficult to split up a physical gold bars. However TAU tokens are divisible into increments as small as 0.000001 fine troy ounce of gold.

Easily Redeemable

Should you ever want to redeem your TAU tokens for physical gold, you can. We deliver physical gold bars to any address only for countries with no legal issues.

Verification Transparency

The mining status of all physical gold and mines that support the Titan ecosystem can be tracked on the website provided by the Foundation.

Governance Incentives

There are various governance programs you can participate in based on TITAN, and reasonable compensation is provided depending on the importance and contribution of each program.

Our dApps

Our dApps



Join us on TITAN’s journey for growth.

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